Нота-2 схема в dwg

нота-2 схема в dwg
Starting from version 2.1, firmware upgrade is possible from GUI.Another options: you can upgrade firmware using XLoader or AvrdudeR utility. Leave all other settings at default (baud is 115200, device is «SimpleBGC»). If device is restarted after upload — it means all done. Used for joystick or RC in speed mode.It may be required to re-tune gimbal, because range of some settings was slightly changed.

Unlike 1.x firmware, default is DISABLED!. If sensor is not working, try to enable it.New setting: control stick neutral position trimming and deadband. Spec Sheet Overview Specifications Resources Models & Accessories. Run utility, select COM port where controller is connected, and specify hex file to upload.

Run GUI and check if firmware version has changed.LINUX and MAC users: use avrdude to upload firmware.

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