Мерседес а -160 w168 схема

Worked in Argentina’s factory after WWII[82] Rudolf Caracciola – one of the greatest GP drivers in history drove MB Silver Arrows in competition. Today, it builds buses, trucks and the Sprinter van.[citation needed] Buses[edit] Main article: Mercedes-Benz buses Mercedes-Benz produces a wide range of buses and coaches, mainly for Europe and Asia. Another example is the E250 CGI having greater performance than the E200 CGI due to the different engine tuning even though both have 1.8-litre engines.

Имаме на Ваше рапзоложение и рециркулационна попма за кола и помпи за вторичен въздух. This last model continued to offer ETS available as extra cost. Retrieved 26 September 2010. ^ Abuelsamid, Sam (30 July 2010). «Mercedes-Benz introduces new Vito E-Cell van – Autoblog Green». .
This was done to show the model’s position in the model range independent of displacement or in the price matrix. The pontiff’s Popemobile has often been sourced from Mercedes-Benz.[6] In 1944, 46,000 forced laborers were used in Daimler-Benz’s factories to bolster Nazi war efforts. Josef Ganz — Technical consultant and «Godfather» of the *Mercedes-Benz W136, with the revolutionary Independent suspension, Swing axle layout.

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